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Secrets of Tents and Flooring

By NY Tent  



Taking the Mystery Out of Tent and Structure Flooring


After decades in the tent and structure business, one of the most frequent questions we get asked has to do with flooring:


Why install a floor, and if flooring is necessary, what type makes the most sense?


The reason for creating a floor under any tent or structure begins with the need to cover up whatever existing surface is in the tent location, after determining that the tent location cannot be changed. 


Reasons for flooring may be:  Drainage and water flow, elevation changes, cold temperatures, grass or lawn protection, designated walkway, health code (cook and kitchen tents ) sub floor lighting, color choice or floor product as part of the overall decor design and more.


Typical Types of Subflooring:

Plywood Lay Down Floor is very popular and is used when the overall change in elevation is minimal, but there is a desire to create a solid floor under the guests feet, providing both weather and temperature protection as well as floor covering options.


Lay Down Floors are built on 2"x8" planks placed at a width designed to support the weight load required for the project (24" on center is typical but can be closer together to gain additional load capacity).  3/4" plywood is then laid down and anchored to the 2"x8" planks.


In some cases, adding a second layer of plywood alternating seams with the lower floor will add additional weight load capacity and distribution which may be desired, and will also stiffen up with floor for minimal movement under load.


Elevated Leveled Flooring

Changes in elevation will require that a floor be leveled to accomplish a flat floor surface.  The use of steel framed wood deck stage sections will efficiently accomplish this type of floor. Sections are installed one at a time, connected to each other, and then laser leveled. Different leg sizes are inserted into the bottom of each stage section and plywood shims are used in different thicknesses to make the final adjustment.  


As the height of the stage increases, additional bracing may be required to insure sufficient strength for the load that the floor may be required to handle. 


Stage flooring can be used for complete tent projects, or stages for presentations of band/music events.


Hard Plastic Deck Flooring

In the case of some cook tents, health code may require a floor surface that can be easily cleaned.  There are a number of hard plastic floor surfaces that can be installed fairly quickly and easily, laying the sections down with some sort of locking ability between the sections.


These floor sections will follow the contours of the surface they are installed on and have minimal ability to be leveled.  There are times when this type of surface meets the need and is easy and quick to install.  


All of the floor styles shown will allow for different top coverings.  These options will be discussed in a futures posting. 


Experts In All Types of Flooring

The event planners at New York Tent are experts in all types of flooring.  Our team will work with you to find the flooring styles that best fits your needs and budget.  In addition, we will also recommend different products that are available to install on top of the sub floor to create the perfect event environment and decor.  



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