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Wedding Weekends Turn to Comedy

By John Glozek, Jr.

Once upon a time, weddings, anniversary parties, birthdays and the like were pretty standard events – some had a band, a DJ or a magician. Over the course of time, these special occasions added amenities and other activities to make that day the most memorable ever. That special day became a special event.


With an eye toward providing these events with new experiences, as well as making them memorable, many people, including event planners, are trying a new approach. Thanks in no small part to “Haft2Laugh Comedy Productions,” stand up comedy has become a very popular option for weddings, rehearsal dinners, engagement parties and after parties.


With 30 years in the entertainment industry, Eric Haft along with his business partner John Glozek, Jr. started “Haft2Laugh” in 2010 as a way of bringing more comedy to Long Island at different venues. The effort was squarely aimed at the golf industry (John is the Publisher of Golfing Magazine), with a specific focus on country clubs. “These clubs

were looking for something new,” says John. “Something that would ENTERTAIN. With comedy so popular across Long Island and everywhere else, we were bringing the comedy club to the country clubs. It has been so popular we are now providing stand up comedy shows to yacht clubs, tennis clubs, condo communities, charity events, and private parties and they are loving it!”As John points out, “over the years weddings and private parties [anniversaries and birthdays] have changed to become more up scale. People are thinking of creative ways to make it memorable and special. I see comedy as a great way to go. People love to laugh, and making them laugh at these types of events is memorable.” Haft2Laugh has a stable of over 100 comedians of all sorts – each one of them a total pro. “The Comedy Night production is professional from start to finish and we do all the work!” He adds, “It can be challenge to convince people to give it a try but once they do with Haft2laugh they love it; we end up getting recommended on a regular basis.” What better way to keep everyone happy than to add comedy and laughter to your special day — everyone leaves smiling. That’s exactly what a Haft2Laugh Comedy Productions provides.


Haft2Laugh Comedy Productions

John 516-659-5713 | Eric 516-924-3288



Waiters By Eric Haft

Shakespeare By Eric Haft

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