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How To Hire The Best DJ or Band?

by Michael Variale, East End Entertainment NY

The event date and location are set. What’s next?  Entertainment!  Entertainment is probably one of the most important decisions you will make.  The music you select will set the tone for your event.  Entertainment can enhance or break your wedding or special event.  Entertainment creates the festive vibes and is ultimately responsible for all the transitions.



72% of all couples said that they should have spent more time choosing their reception entertainment and made it a higher priority.

78% of couples said they wish they had made the entertainment their highest priority

81% guests said they remembered the entertainment the most.


Helpful tips to help you make a confident decision:


Things to Consider

1.  How important is the entertainment to your event?  

2.  What is your music vision? There are various options and styles.

(DJ, band, live musician, DJ/musician combo)

     ***Do they have experience playing your requested music genres?

3.  Are there any special location requirements needed?

- How many sound systems are needed? Ceremony, Cocktails, Reception, After-party

- Is there a need for wireless speakers with multiple rooms?

- Does the entertainment company need to bring their own power (inverter)?

4.  Do you need additional audio/video support for the rehearsal dinner or after-party?


Do Your Research

1.    Carefully view the company’s website & social media pages.

(view pictures of their set-ups, videos, reviews and available packages)

2.    Ask venues and event professionals who they recommend and why?

3.   Research the owners name

4.   Read reviews from various sources to get a more accurate portrayal of a business.


Make the Call 

  1.  Allow the company to describe their event style & allow them describe on their experience. 

  2.  What type of events do they do most?

  3.  How many events they do a weekend/year? Quanity vs. Quality of events

  4.  How many songs are in their repertoire?

Are the songs all on a hard drive or they have to depend on Wifi to download the songs?

What happens if the Wifi signal or power is lost?

  5.  How many songs can be requested?

  6.  Do they take breaks?

  7.  What kind of equipment is used?  Is there a backup system? 

  8.  Are there any additional costs?

  9.  Do they have event insurance?

 10. ***How many years experience does your assigned DJ/Band have total? And with the company have? 


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