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10 TIPS Selecting the Best Wedding & Event Right Pros


Planning a celebration is certainly no easy task.  There are literally thousands of questions that require answers. However selecting the best event professionals will certainly help reduce the stress and make it an event to cherish. Not all vendors are created equal. Remember you get what you pay for. 


Here are 10 tips to help you make a confident decision:


Things to Consider

 1.  What is your event vision/theme/goal?

 2.  Are there any special location requirements needed? (beach, field, tented, electric)

 3.  Are there multiple locations in which vendors are needed?  (ceremony, cocktails, reception, after-party)

Do Your Research to narrow the search.

 4.   Ask friends and ask multiple qualified event venues and  professionals for recommendations.  You will notice the same names are mentioned.


 5.   Read online reviews from various sources to get a more accurate portrayal of a business and the owner’s profile.

 6.   Carefully observe the company’s website and social media pages.  Are the pictures, videos, and reviews authentic?

Make the Call to the vendors that are contenders for your event. 

 7.  Allow the company to describe their event style and their experiences with the type of event you are hosting. 

 8.  Be a good listener.

      Does the event professional meet your standards?

 9.  Are there any additional costs? (overtime rate, travel, rentals)

 9.  Do they have event insurance?

10. How many years experience does your assigned team have with the company? 


Keep in mind, there are a only about 20 prime Saturday’s in a year (Memorial Day Week - Columbus Day Weekend).

Book your event professionals, as soon a you are ready.


Vendor Checklist


_____Venue     _____Caterer          _____Entertainment   

_____Flowers   _____Event Décor   _____Photographer   

_____Tent        _____Lighting         _____Hair/Make-up   _____Wedding Officiant                  _____Transportation   

_____Valet Parking                        _____ Portable restrooms

_____Security  _____Tick & Mosquito Spray 

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