Tents Accessories for the Hamptons & North Fork Weddings

by NY TENT www.NYTent.com

Just as with tabletop decor, it is often the layering effect inside a tent that truly brings it to life. The ultimate tent accessory is the ceiling liner, typically layered with lighting to create a dynamic duo. Tent liners are one of the easiest ways to transform the interior, adding depth and character to a tent. Paired with lighting, color can move through the fabric and create dimension and visual appeal. Liners can be pleated or smooth and, while white is a standard, other color options such as champagne or black can make a dramatic event statement.   New York Tent has a beautiful inventory of tent liners and the expertise to install a liner that will take your event to a new level of stunning.   nytent.com    631-979-9182

Layers can make all the difference.  Whether a long entrance walkway or the main tent event, using leg drapes to cover the legs/poles of a tent finish off the space with class and elegance.  From standard white to any number of custom drape colors, you can accessorize the tent and dress to impress.


To add yet another creative dimension, the flowing lines of a New York Tent pole tent can be complimented by ceiling drapes for a decorative and colorful accent. The drapes help to bring the guests' focus toward the lighting and the drape, not the tent ceiling.  Notice how the drapes compliment the lighting and add a unique, creative element to the tent's interior.