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4 Tips: #Wedding Hashtags

Hashtags, as fun as they sound, they are still not being used to their full capability.  Mainly because they are not effectively communicated to the gueats. Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of #WeddingHashtags2023.


1) Make it Unique:

Before making a final decision on a hashtag, find out if anyone else has used it.   Add the numerical date to the hashtag will assure its uniqueness. 


2) Easy to read:

Utilize front end capitalization, which means, use a capital letter for the first letter of each word.


3) Easy to Remember:

Keep it simple and fun. 


4) Hashtag Reminders:  During the welcoming, have the entertainment company announce what the #hashtag is and state there are reminders throughout the venue.  Here are some recommended placements of the #hashtag:  invitation, ceremony cards, by the bar, seating chart, seating card, menu, restrooms, on the photo wall, photo strips of the photo booth and sweetheart table. 


If hashtags were around, when I was married, I probably would have used #EileenOnMike0207

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